Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of MAF?

Our mission: Sharing the love of Jesus Christ through aviation and technology so that isolated people may be physically and spiritually transformed

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) serves people who deal with challenges due to isolation in regions such as Africa, Asia, Eurasia, and Latin America by providing: medical assistance, disaster response, community development, training, and evangelism support to churches.

What is MAF's Doctrinal Statement

Beyond airplanes, what other services does MAF offer?

Where Aviation was once the entire ministry, today MAF also provides communication services such as HF/VHF radios, as well as VSAT (high-speed Internet connections via broadband satellite) technology that brings email, fax, and voice communications wherever people minister.  MAF’s Learning Technologies department uses modern technologies to bring biblical training to those in the most remote areas.

How is MAF funded?

2014 Budget (PDF)

This year, it will require $46.5 million to operate ongoing programs, launch new initiatives, expand services and conduct a capital campaign. Total funding from support raised by MAF missionary staff, field revenue,1 and planned gifts through the MAF Foundation amounts to $37.3 million or 80.2 percent of total ministry costs. We seek the remaining 19.8 percent or $9.2 million from caring partners: individuals, churches, and foundations.

1The mission organizations we serve defray only a portion of the costs. Indigenous people with little or no resources increasingly need our services, and in such cases MAF subsidizes costs.

How does MAF spend the funds it receives?

Ministry Activities
(Evangelism & Church Nurture, Medical Assistance, Community Development, Disaster Response, Indigenous Training & Development)


Missionary Staff Expense
(Salary& Benefits, Housing, Medical Care, Language School, Children's Education, Travel)


General Administration


Organizational Communication and Fundraising


MAF Foundation, Trust and Annunity Payments

Total Expenses $46,548,772

How is MAF accountable for its funds?

Accountability and Trust

Financial gifts to Mission Aviation Fellowship are a sacred trust. We utilize funds wisely and for the purposes designated by the donors. MAF maintains the highest standards of financial accountability and public disclosure to donors, the government, and the world at large. An independent audit is conducted annually.


The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (

To receive a copy of the most recent MAF Audited Financial Statement, please send an email to

Is MAF a member of ... ?

Mission Aviation Fellowship is also a member of:

Missio Nexus Formerly The Mission Exchange (
ACCORD Formerly AERDO (Association of Evangelical Relief and Development Organizations;
IAMA International Association of Missionary Aviation (
CSC Christian Service Charities (

How can I give to MAF or an MAF missionary?

There are several different ways to help support MAF financially: support an MAF missionary, support an MAF outreach program, browse the Gift Catalog, or adopt a plane. You may also be interested in other ways to support MAF.

May I give to MAF through United Way?

In most cases you can give to MAF through your workplace United Way campaign. However, you should check with your employer to make sure it's possible to designate MAF on your pledge form. 

May I give to MAF through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)?

Yes! Simply designate #10989 (the MAF ID number) on your pledge form. MAF is listed under "Christian Service Organizations of America." However, when giving through CFC it is not possible to designate your gift to a specific MAF missionary or project.

Does MAF need volunteers?

Yes! You too can be part of the MAF ministry. Perhaps you have served as a missionary, or felt God's call at one time, but the circumstances were not right. Or, God placed missions on your heart only recently. Whatever your situation, God can use you, if you are willing. Learn more »

Ministry Advocates
Through the volunteer ministry of the MAF-Advocate Wing, you can serve the Lord, help transform lives, and build God's Kingdom throughout the world ... right where you live! Learn more »

How can I serve with MAF on a short- or long-term basis?

Visit Serve with MAF to learn about career missionary opportunities with MAF or short-term assignments. MAF needs pilots, mechanics, information technology specialists, teachers, and more.

Does MAF fly overseas from the U.S.A.?

No, except when we ferry a new plane to one of our overseas bases. Whenever MAF acquires an additional aircraft, we modify it extensively for field operations. Then an MAF pilot flies it to its final destination. For this trip, the aircraft is equipped with an extra fuel tank containing approximately 230 gallons of fuel. The pilot is then able to fly the plane nonstop for up to 20 hours.

How do I contact MAF staff by email?

The MAF email address style is the same for everyone. Simply follow this format: first letter of first name + last name + Use all lower case letters without any spaces—for example,

What are the MAF address and phone numbers?

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 47
Nampa, ID 83653

Street Address:
112 N. Pilatus Ln.
Nampa, ID 83687

Phone: (208) 498-0800
Toll-Free (800) FLYS-MAF

Fax: (208) 498-0801

For general inquiries, email

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