2013: A Year in Review

A Year in Review

In the last year, the Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) fleet flew 2,616,925 nautical miles. More importantly, MAF served over 600 organizations (5 with restricted access), flew 94,005 passengers and 8,513,327 pounds of cargo to provide:

MAF also provided communications and learning technology services to support the work of hundreds of Christian and relief organizations working to spread the Gospel and improve the conditions of remote people.

Lives of people living in isolation were changed because of the services MAF was able to provide. Remote communities received Bibles in their own languages for the first time. Church leaders were trained and equipped to take the Gospel to their own people. Children got life-saving medical care. Wells, building-materials, schools, teachers, missionaries, and doctors brought hope to remote regions of the world … all possible thanks to the prayers and gifts of our supporters! Read more in "2013, A Year In Review": (PDF version to download)



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