Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) provides vital aviation and radio communications services to Indonesian churches, Christian missions, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) ministering in Kalimantan, Indonesia.

MAF missionary families and Indonesian staff members serve central and eastern Kalimantan. MAF enables ministry groups to bring the Gospel and basic, life-sustaining services to this primitive and otherwise inaccessible region of Indonesia. The MAF team provides much-needed flight services, and maximizes opportunities to minister in ways not available to other mission agencies. Aviation allows MAF to establish and develop relationships with a broad cross section of society.

In the past 12 months, the MAF program in Kalimantan ...

  • Executed 5,369 flights
  • Transported 19,192 passengers
  • Delivered 1,137,448 pounds of cargo
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Adopt Charlie Brown in KalimantanPK-MCB's nickname is "Charlie Brown." He doesn't own a dog named Snoopy but, good grief, is he good at helping bring hope to the people of Kalimantan. And he should be, he has had a lot of practice. Charlie Brown is the oldest plane in the MAF fleet. He might otherwise be known as the 6-Million Dollar Man because of all the parts he has had replaced. This floatplane loves the water, which is helpful because he can reach many parts of Kalimantan by landing on the region’s countless rivers. Charlie Brown has long been a vital part of reaching these people with Christ's love.
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Kalimantan, Indonesia



MAF base in PalangkaRaya: Plr-flight@maf.org

MAF base in Tarakan: Trk-operations@maf.org

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