Isolated People

Serving Isolated People

The founders of MAF had a vision: to use the airplane to bring the Gospel to isolated people in remote corners of the world.

Some 65 years later, this remains the heart of our mission. MAF uses airplanes and other technologies to overcome mountains, deserts, jungles, and rivers, taking God’s Word to those who otherwise would never hear it. Thousands of remote villages rely on MAF to deliver physical and spiritual help. Below are some of the people groups served by MAF.

Achenese Colonos Lomwe Punan
Achuar Dani Makonde Quichua
Bambara Dayak Makua Senoufou
Basotho Dogon Malian Shuar
Bataknese Ekari Moi Tonga
Bira Haitian Moni Waodani
Bozo Hema Mwani Yali
Budu Korowai Nande Yao
Chwabo Lendu Ngiti


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