East Congo (DRC)

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) provides vital aviation and communications services to Congolese churches, Christian missions, and non-government organizations (NGOs) ministering in east Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

MAF fills a strategic role in touching countless lives for Jesus Christ by standing with, and supporting, Congolese churches, missionaries, and an increasing number of short–term mission teams. Five MAF missionary families and 15 Congolese staff members with two aircraft serve the northeastern region of DRC. MAF is committed to supporting the emerging interdenominational and intertribal Christian movement that is facilitating ministries of healing, reconciliation and Biblical community development. Other mission groups and humanitarian agencies utilize MAF services to help with rebuilding efforts and alleviate the suffering of those displaced or affected by a destabilized east DRC.

In the past 12 months, the MAF program in east DRC ...

  • Saved Christian and humanitarian workers 5,834 days of travel time
  • Executed 2,275 flights
  • Transported 6,271 passengers
  • Delivered 771,305 pounds of cargo
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Alpha Uniform, DRCYou will quickly fall in love with 9Q-CAU. Her warm personality is contagious. She is quick to laugh, quick to offer a shoulder to cry on, and always quick to forgive. She has a fearless side, too, when it comes to helping the people of Congo—offering support during times of unrest and encouraging reconciliation between tribes. 9Q-CAU is passionate about the people she serves and works hard to bring spiritual and physical healing to this hurting country.
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