Petey The Plane

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Who is Petey The Plane?

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Petey the Plane is the cartoon caricature of an MAF plane that connects with the next generation of missionaries and missionary pilots. You might find pictures of him appearing around the world at different locations where MAF operates air bases or at an MAF booth at an aviation or mission related event. Wherever he may be, you can always find him here at Ask Petey.

How far can Petey fly on a full tank of gas?

Petey can fly up to 800 miles on one tank of gas. That’s about the same distance as driving from Seattle, Washington to San Francisco, California, or driving from Boston, Massachusetts to Columbus, Ohio.

How high can Petey fly?

Petey can fly as high as 15,700 feet – that’s almost three miles straight up in the air!

How many people can fly in Petey?

MAF planes have removable seats to make room for baggage, medical supplies, food and sometimes live animals. But if all the seats are in, Petey can fly up to five people comfortably.

How fast can Petey fly?

At his top speed, Petey can fly 173 miles per hour, which is about three times faster than your mom or dad can drive their car on the highway.

How do planes help people?

While it might seem easy for you to get in the car with your mom or dad and drive on a paved road to school, soccer practice or the grocery store, it's not like that everywhere in the world. There are many people who live in cities and villages around the world that don’t have cars or trucks or even roads. There may not be a school or a hospital in their village either. MAF planes fly missionaries, doctors and teachers into these places. These planes also fly food and other medical supplies to help people live a better life.

How many different planes does MAF have?

MAF flies nine different models of planes. The Cessna 206, which Petey is modeled after, is the most widely-used model being flown on the field as MAF uses three times as many Cessna 206s than the next closest model.

Petey The Plane is modeled after the Cessna 206, one of the aircraft MAF utilizes in the mission field. All plane-related questions above are based off the specs of the 206 and don't necessarily apply to other MAF aircraft.


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