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For only $1 a day you can adopt an MAF plane that opens the doors to the Gospel while bringing aid and assistance to needy people in remote places. When you adopt a plane, you help cover fuel and maintenance costs for MAF planes to continue flying throughout the world. More than 800 Christian and humanitarian organizations as well as thousands of isolated nationals rely on MAF planes every day. Choose a plane below!


7P-CMH, Lesotho, Africa

7P-CMH serving in Lesotho7P-CMH is a Cessna 206 serving in Lesotho, Africa. 7P-CMH flies roughly 360 passengers, 939 pounds of cargo, and 22,000 miles every year.

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"Alpha Uniform" (9Q-CAU), East Congo

9Q-CAU serving in E. Congo"Alpha Uniform" (9Q-CAU) is a Cessna 208 Caravan serving in east Democratic Republic of the Congo. Alpha Uniform flies roughly 1,700 passengers, 255,000 pounds of cargo, and 45,000 miles every year.

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9Q-CMO, West Congo

9Q-CMO serving in W. Congo9Q-CMO is a Cessna 208 Caravan serving in west Democratic Republic of the Congo. 9Q-CMO flies roughly 1,200 passengers, 195,000 pounds of cargo, and 57,000 miles every year.

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HH-MAF, Haiti

HH-MAF serving in HaitiHH-MAF is a Cessna 207 serving in Haiti. HH-MAF flies roughly 800 passengers, 48,500 pounds of cargo, and 220 hours every year.

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N206CE, Mozambique, Africa

N206CE serving in MozambiqueN206CE is a Cessna 206 serving in Mozambique, Africa. N206CE flies roughly 330 passengers, 11,000 pounds of cargo, and 33,300 miles every year.

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"Charlie Brown" (PK-MCB), Kalimantan, Indonesia

PK-MCB serving in Kalimantan, Indonesia"Charlie Brown" (PK-MCB) is a Cessna 185 serving in Kalimantan, Indonesia. PK-MCB flies roughly 1,300 passengers, 24,000 pounds of cargo, and 28,400 miles every year.

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PK-MEA, Papua, Indonesia

PK-MEA serving in Papua, IndonesiaPK-MEA is a KODIAK serving in Papua, Indonesia. PK-MEA is the newest airplane in the program and the first KODIAK.

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