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MAF's Adopt-A-Plane program is a great way for you to get more closely involved in the work MAF is doing around the world. For $1 a day, you can help an MAF airplane bring hope to isolated people. Once you join the program, you will receive a welcome packet telling you all about your newly adopted plane and the country in which it serves. You’ll also receive regular updates on what your plane has been up to.

When you adopt an MAF plane, you help cover its fuel and maintenance costs. More than 600 Christian and humanitarian organizations as well as thousands of isolated people rely on these planes every day.

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Meet PK-MEE!

Coming soon to Kalimantan, Indonesia!

PK-MEE is proud to be MAF's first KODIAK floatplane. She has some big shoes to fill, coming on the heels of the legendary “Charlie Brown,” a Cessna 185 floatplane that has served in Kalimantan, Indonesia, for over 50 years! It’s just about time for him to retire, and PK-MEE will soon be taking his place in the Adopt-a-Plane program.

Join the family. Adopt PK-MEE today and make a difference.

PK-MEE serving in Kalimantan, Indonesia

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Meet 7P-CMH!

Serving in Lesotho, Africa

7P-CMH can tell you some stories of her adventures in Lesotho. She has spent a lot of time with Basotho shepherds in the rugged mountains. They tell stories to pass the time, and in the years 7P-CMH has been in Lesotho, she has become quite the master storyteller. 7P-CMH is not afraid of heights (most of MAF’s planes aren’t…) which is a good thing, since Lesotho is known as the “mountain kingdom” and most of the strips 7P-CMH lands on are high in the mountains. 7P-CMH is passionate about the people of Lesotho and wants to bring both spiritual and medical hope to this small African country.

7P-CMH serving in Lesotho

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Meet 9Q-CAU!

Serving in Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo

You will quickly fall in love with 9Q-CAU. Her warm personality is contagious. She is quick to laugh, quick to offer a shoulder to cry on, and always quick to forgive. She has a fearless side, too, when it comes to helping the people of Congo—offering support during times of unrest and encouraging reconciliation between tribes. 9Q-CAU is passionate about the people she serves and works hard to bring spiritual and physical healing to this hurting country.

9Q-CAU serving in E. Congo

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Meet 9Q-CMO!

Serving in Western Democratic Republic of the Congo

9Q-CMO loves adventure! Soaring high over the vast Congolese jungles gives her a thrill like nothing else. This strong, silent type loves the people western Congo. She enjoys bringing people together and saving lives—which is a good thing since the needs are great in western Democratic Republic of the Congo. 9Q-CMO is also passionate about helping those who can’t help themselves, like the Congolese lepers who have been cast out by society. This rugged plane has a soft-side when it comes to sharing Christ’s love in this expansive region.

9Q-CMO serving in W. Congo

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Meet HH-MAF!

Serving in Haiti

HH-MAF likes the sound of steel drums and lounging on Haiti’s Caribbean beaches—but she rarely has time for these things because she is busy helping meet the needs of the Haitian people. When HH-MAF goes to sleep each night in her hangar, she says goodnight to the framed picture of her with Harrison Ford. HH-MAF loves to carry teams from the US, who have come to help minister to the Haitian people. HH-MAF takes pride in the work she and her partners are doing to help the Haitian people experience Christ’s love.

HH-MAF serving in Haiti

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Meet N206CE!

Serving in Mozambique, Africa

N206CE loves reruns of M*A*S*H and House—really any shows that are about medical professionals. She gets very little time to watch these while she is on the long trips across Mozambique—a country that is as long as the distance from Massachusetts to Florida. But she does get to hear the stories of the doctors who fly with her weekly. N206CE likes cooking s’mores on an open flame when she is on one of her many overnight camp outs, but she really enjoys a local dish called matata. The only thing N206CE loves more than travelling is reaching Mozambicans with Christ’s love.

N206CE serving in Mozambique

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Meet "Charlie Brown" (PK-MCB)!

Serving in Kalimantan, Indonesia

PK-MCB's nickname is "Charlie Brown." He doesn't own a dog named Snoopy but, good grief, is he good at helping bring hope to the people of Kalimantan. And he should be, he has had a lot of practice. Charlie Brown is the oldest plane in the MAF fleet. He might otherwise be known as the 6-Million Dollar Man because of all the parts he has had replaced. This floatplane loves the water, which is helpful because he can reach many parts of Kalimantan by landing on the region’s countless rivers. Charlie Brown has long been a vital part of reaching these people with Christ's love.

PK-MCB serving in Kalimantan, Indonesia

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Meet PK-MEA!

Serving in Papua, Indonesia

PK-MEA looks up to her older brother Charlie Brown, even though she towers over him. PK-MEA is a KODIAK and one of the youngest members of MAF’s fleet, but what she lacks in experience she makes up for in effectiveness. PK-MEA loves learning new languages and experiencing different cultures. The many tribes living in Papua are always giving her opportunities to try out new things. PK-MEA loves to serve and plays an important role in helping MAF and other partners in Papua reach this diverse region with Christ’s love.

PK-MEA serving in Papua, Indonesia

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