Keep MAF Planes Flying

Keep MAF Planes Flying

As you know from watching prices fluctuate at your local gas pump, supply dictates price. For example, in our West DRC program, rising prices and a dwindling supply have driven prices up to $21 per gallon for aviation gas! In this area, fuel is scarce but there is no shortage of those who need the help of MAF.

In some locations, MAF is paying between $12 and $16 per gallon! And with an average fuel burn per hour already at nearly $200, imagine the impact when the cost of fuel goes up ... even a little bit.

Fuel is the single largest operational expense for our aviation efforts. MAF must keep our planes in the air sharing the love and compassion of Jesus Christ with people living in the darkest, most remote corners of the earth. And with an average of 100 MAF flights per day all around the world, imagine the impact when the cost of fuel goes up ... even a little bit.

Your support today will keep flights in the air delivering emergency medical aid, critical food and supplies, work crews,doctors, and—most importantly—the Gospel to isolated people.




"The price never goes down, only up" — Garth Pederson


"In the past, we have had Cessna 206's grounded for 3 months while we waited for fuel to arrive." — Mike Brown


"Several times in the past we have needed to restrict flying when fuel got to critical levels in order to be able to do the emergency medical evacuations which are a large part of our program." — Dan Whitehead

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