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    Mission Aviation Fellowship

    Since 1945, Mission Aviation Fellowship has used the tools and talents God has given us to reach isolated people. MAF continues to share Christ's love from dense jungles to rugged mountains to war-torn countries.

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Jungle Pilot by Russell T. HittNew donors who give $10 or more will receive a free copy of Jungle Pilot, the story of MAF pilot Nate Saint.

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"To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing." — Martin Luther King Jr.

Join with MAF in lifting up prayer petitions for our missionary families serving in Africa, Indonesia, Haiti, and several restricted access countries. Visit Prayer Connection to pray each week for MAF programs and the isolated people that they serve to bring the light of Jesus Christ to the dark, remote corners of the world.

Baptism in Moba, MAF serves Democratic Republic of the Congo

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