Aviation Opportunities

Serve as a pilot/mechanic

Serve - Overseas - Apply ButtonMAF pilot/mechanics and aircraft mechanics use their skills and gifts to share the love of Jesus Christ with those who have never heard. MAF pilots fly a national pastor to a Bible conference or evacuate a desperately sick villager to a town with a hospital. Or, they may carry essential supplies to remote locations and encourage the believers there, or be a light to those who have never heard.

Most MAF pilot/mechanics fly in locations where it is essential that they are also able to maintain their aircraft. Because of this, we have limited opportunities for a pilot-only (without an A&P license).

Length of Commitment

MAF expects at least a two-term (7 year) committment from those who are called to serve in aviation. It is difficult to accomplish technical training, ministry partnership and language school within the context of a short term assignment. Therefore, aviation personnel join MAF as 'Career' Members.

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Professional Qualifications

All Member staff must meet the member qualifications listed on the right, as well as professional qualifications. Couples applying to MAF must individually meet the member qualifications.


  • Commercial Pilot License with instrument rating
  • Minimum 400 hours total time
  • 50 hours high performance time
  • Airframe & Powerplant Certificate
  • Recommended
    • Certified Flight Instructor rating

Maintenance Technician

  • Airframe & Powerplant Certificate
  • Recommended
    • Experience in general aviation maintenance
    • Inspection Authorization
    • Shop management skills

Avionics Technician

  • Two years of electronics schooling and FCC license
  • Airframe and Powerplant (A & P) mechanic's license
  • Two years of Avionics classes/bench work and installation

Pilot (without mechanic license) - Limited Openings

  • Commercial Pilot License with instrument rating
  • Minimum 1,000 hours total time
    • 100 hours of instrument experience
    • 200 hours of high performance time
    • Up to 500 hours of CFI time may be considered toward the 1,000 total time
    • Up to 500 hours of SIC (second-in-command) time may be considered toward the 1,000 total time
  • Minimum 500-1,000 hours total time if looking to serve with MAF International
  • Maintenance help/duties will be expected on the field
  • Recommended
    • Certified Flight Instructor Instrument rating
    • Turbine experience



MAF Member Qualifications:

  • Committed relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Desire to serve cross-culturally
  • 12 hours college-level Bible courses, or equivalent
  • Agreement with the MAF Doctrinal Statement
  • Active involvement in a local church
  • Team player with a servant heart
  • Good physical and emotional health
  • Financial health – workable debt encumbrance
  • Willingness to raise prayer and financial support
  • Affirmation of spiritual maturity by others

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