You can help share God's Word with remote people like the Yali

"We lived in the stone age..."

The Yali tribe lived entirely cut off from the outside world for generations.

“We didn’t know there were people beyond the mountains," explains Unus, an older Yali man. "We lived in the stone age — killing each other and eating our enemies. We didn’t know any life different than that.”

On September 10, 1965, after MAF pilots had discovered the Yali people while doing survey flights, the first outsiders arrived in the village. “I still remember the day, when the missionary with local pastors arrived here,” said Unus. “It made a big impact.”

This first contact began a decades-long process of learning the language and the culture of the Yali and launching a joint effort with them to translate the Bible into their language. In 2018, they received the first complete Bibles in their Yali language.

A people transformed by God's Word

The Yali were eager for the Bible to be completed. The translation work transformed the entire people group in so many ways. This once violent group now looks to educate their children not in warfare but in reading and writing. They band together not to fight their enemies but to raise funds to construct a church building.

“MAF is a lifeline for people living in isolated places...” said Jeremiah Hartin, an MAF pilot in Papua, Indonesia. “We carry in not only Bibles, but also food, supplies like roofing material or medicine, and provide transportation for people as well. As a pilot, it feels very satisfying to know that I am playing a small part, but it is a significant link in the chain of what God is doing.”

A new beginning — from cannibals to Christians

When an MAF team recently landed in the Yali's village, they were greeted with an elaborate ceremony of dancing and singing. This ceremony explained the history of the Yali. It told the story of how they were found by God, laid down their arrows and spears, and took up His Word.

The community that once devoured their enemies now lives in peace — with each other and with their Creator. And their story is far from over.

Through the partnership of our generous donors, MAF is able to reach isolated people like the Yali with critical help and the hope of the Gospel.

Share Christ's love and more with people in remote areas

Your gift today will help MAF provide flights to reach isolated people with life-saving medical care, life-changing education, God's Word, and the hope of Jesus.

Because airplanes can go where other vehicles can't go, people living in distant villages can be reached with necessities like medicines and vaccines, and construction materials to build clinics and schools. Plus doctors, teachers, and missionaries can be transported to bring help and hope — all thanks to MAF flights.

But there are still many regions cut off and in need. With your support, MAF can continue to provide flights to reach isolated people with help and the hope of the Gospel.

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Mission Aviation Fellowship delivers help and hope

For over 70 years, Mission Aviation Fellowship has used aviation and technology to share the love of Jesus Christ with isolated people who have not yet heard the Gospel.

Airplanes are highly effective tools used to deliver help and hope to places where there are no roads. Where the terrain is rough. Where an airstrip may be a crude clearing through a jungle or on the side of a mountain.

Your gift will transform the lives of isolated people

When you partner with MAF, you will make an eternal difference in the lives of isolated people all over the world. Please give now to keep MAF airplanes flying to bring help and hope in the name of Jesus.


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