Jackie Banks

Ron and Jackie Banks have served as missionaries with Mission Aviation Fellowship for over three decades. The first decade, Ron and Jackie served as a pilot/mechanic family in the Amazon jungles of Venezuela. Over the next years, Ron found himself doing more and more work with information technology, developing email systems for MAF and other missions throughout Europe and Africa. For the past ten years, Ron has applied learning technology to training and developing pastors, church leaders, and mission organizations in remote areas. Ron has helped bring Biblical and leadership training to bi-vocational pastors and church leaders in India, Costa Rica, Venezuela, and Eastern Europe. These Christian workers are able to develop their Biblical education while continuing in their own cultural context.

Now at MAF’s headquarters in Nampa, Idaho, Ron works as a maintenance specialist on aircraft that are being prepared for field service. He also supports the aircraft maintenance software that is used to track aircraft maintenance needs around the world.

Ron quotes Genesis 26:25 as his favorite verse: “Isaac built an altar there and called on the name of the Lord. There he pitched his tent, and there his servants dug a well.” He feels this verse states a missionary’s priorities: to build a permanent altar to the Lord, live in a temporary home (Ron and Jackie have moved 29 times in their ministry and training), and have a service to the Lord which would continue after he was gone.

Since their move to Nampa, Jackie has been helping out at headquarters in a variety of tasks, but her primary ministry continues to be centered in the home, supporting Ron and creating a loving Christian atmosphere. She loves hospitality, welcoming anyone at any time. Jackie is also active in the worship choir of their local church. Proverbs 3:5-6 is Jackie’s favorite passage, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight.” She knows that as she daily trusts God, He will direct her path.

Ron and Jackie grew up in Big Spring, Texas. The examples of Ron’s parents and childhood church led him to accept the Lord at an early age. During high school, God used the story of MAF pilot Nate Saint to stir Ron’s interest in missionary aviation. Ron earned his commercial, flight instructor, and instrument licenses at LeTourneau University and Moody Aviation. When Jackie accepted Christ as her Savior, she also dedicated her life to serving Him. A summer mission trip to Baja California strengthened Jackie’s interest in missions. She attended Howard County Junior College and West Texas State University. Ron and Jackie attended the same church and dated throughout high school. They were married in 1973. They have four adult children: Kristal (husband Reggie); Nathan (wife Kara & granddaughters Grace, Evelyn, and Tessa Joy); Timothy (wife Courtney); and Kayla their youngest.

Country of Service


USA, Technical Field Support

The U.S. offices of MAF serve as a hub for MAF services worldwide. A day in the life here includes specialized flight training, staff mobilization and counseling, purchasing and shipping of aircraft parts, finance and accounting, administration of an Internet gateway for worldwide email, fund raising, printing and mailing of various materials, and many, many more activities. Some staff serve around the country; training future pilots and mobilizing potential candidates to serve with MAF.

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