Matt and Jacinda Basinger

Believing that "the place God calls you to is where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet," Matt and Jacinda Basinger are confident in their calling to work with MAF in Papua, Indonesia. Jacinda serves at Papua Harapan (Hope) School in areas of counseling and administration. Matt is meeting energy-related needs in Papua through a locally-based engineering company. Together, Matt and Jacinda partner to care for their sons, Zephaniah and Ezra. The Basingers are motivated by God’s instruction in Micah 6:8—to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with their God.

Matt was born in Los Angeles, California, and was raised in Kuna, Idaho, (a few miles away from MAF headquarters). Matt became a Christian when he was five years old, and during his college years at Seattle Pacific University, he felt God calling him to use his technical skills in a mission context, so he majored in Engineering and Applied Science with a Mission focus. Later, Matt pursued an M.S. and an Eng.Sc.Doc in Environmental Engineering at Columbia University in New York, which allowed him to gain experience working in Sao Tome, Uganda, Mali, Ghana, and Tanzania. After receiving his doctorate Matt accepted a Columbia University Post-Doc research position involving energy systems in Africa.

Jacinda is a third generation MAF’er. Born and raised in Indonesia, she loved the sense of adventure and purpose that she experienced growing up as a “missionary kid.” She is grateful for the way her parents taught her about the Bible and modeled what it looks like to serve God with heart, soul, mind, and strength. She realized her need for God and began pursuing a relationship with Christ when she was seven years old. After graduating from high school in Indonesia, she went to Bible School with Youth With A Mission in Hawaii and India. During this time, she continued to grow in her faith as she faced the pain, brokenness, and poverty in the world around her. After Bible School, Jacinda graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a B.A. in Theatre and Theology as well as a certification in Elementary Education. She then went on to get her M.A in Counseling from Nyack College, Alliance Theological Seminary.

Matt and Jacinda met during their undergraduate years at Seattle Pacific University. They fell in love amidst the cubicles of the Office of Campus Ministries (Matt was the chapel worship leader and Jacinda lead the short term mission program). In 2003 they got married. They worked in Seattle for two years before moving to New York City to pursue further education.

Since the start of Papua Harapan School, Matt and Jacinda have longed to be a part of meeting the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of children who may become the future leaders of Papua.

God calls the men and women of MAF to serve Him in unique ways. He may also be calling you to a special role in the Basingers’ ministry. Please prayerfully consider becoming a Ministry Partner with them through prayer and/or financial support.

Country of Service



9 Bases including Monakwari, Merauke, Nabire, Palangkaraya, Sentani, Tarakan, Timika, and Wamena
21 Aircraft
Population: 242.3 million
Capital: Jakarta
Official Language: Indonesian
Currency: Indonesian Rupiah (Rp)



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