Peter and Miriam DeWinkle

Peter and Miriam De Winkle are incredibly thankful for God's guidance on their journey into Mission Aviation Fellowship. Peter is looking forward to serving others as a pilot/mechanic overseas, impacting lives by transporting missionaries, supplies, and individuals in need of medical evacuations. Miriam will continue to be a homemaker and support Peter, while taking care of their five children: Gideon, Moriah, Titus, Naomi and Susanna.

Peter was born in Modesto, California, to Dutch parents and was saved by grace around age five. His parents raised him in God's Word and daily lived out their faith. When Peter was eight, he and his family moved to Idaho to start a farm. Working on mechanical projects around the farm and going on a mission trip to Mexico showed him he had a passion for serving others and propelled him into the exciting world of aviation. He believes mission aviation is the perfect fit for the gifts God has given him because he loves to help people, work with equipment, and share the gospel with others.

Miriam was also born in Modesto, California, to Dutch immigrant parents and came to truly know Jesus when she was five. She credits early growth in her faith to her parents' strong walk and daily devotions along with their prayers for each one of their children. Miriam remembers her aunt, a Wycliffe translator stationed in Cameroon, telling of the incredible ways God was working! This sparked a passion in Miriam's heart to share Jesus' love with others. She has enjoyed many trips to Europe and especially enjoys engaging with people from other cultures.

Miriam wrote, "In 2007 I married Peter, who also shared a passion for reaching others with the love of Christ! It is with great joy that we serve God as a family. He has been continually gracious and faithful to us. We are very thankful!" Peter and Miriam look forward to seeing how God will use them for His glory.

Country of Service



1 Bases: Paramaribo
2 Aircraft
Population: 543,000
Capital: Paramaribo
Official Language: Dutch
Currency: Surinamese dollar (SRD)

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October 2018   Abigail Prigge 10/11/2018 11:42:17 AM    
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