Adopt a Plane

MAF's Adopt-A-Plane program is a great way for you to get more closely involved in the work MAF is doing around the world. For $1 a day, you can help an MAF airplane bring hope to isolated people. Once you join the program, you will receive a welcome packet telling you all about your newly adopted plane and the country in which it serves. You’ll also receive regular updates on what your plane has been up to.

When you adopt an MAF plane, you help cover its fuel and maintenance costs. More than 600 Christian and humanitarian organizations as well as thousands of isolated people rely on these planes every day.


A Cessna 206 serving in Lesotho, Africa

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A Cessna Caravan serving in E. Congo

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A Cessna Grand Caravan serving in W. Congo

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A Cessna 207 serving in Haiti

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A Cessna 206 serving in Mozambique, Africa

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A Kodiak 100 serving in Papua, Indonesia

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A Kodiak 100 serving in Kalimantan, Indonesia*

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