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Adopt 9S-EMP serving in E. Democratic Republic of the Congo

You will quickly fall in love with 9S-EMP*. Her warm personality is contagious. She is quick to laugh, quick to offer a shoulder to cry on, and always quick to forgive. She has a fearless side, too, when it comes to helping the people of Congo—offering support during times of unrest and encouraging reconciliation between tribes. 9S-EMP is passionate about the people she serves and works hard to bring spiritual and physical healing to this hurting country.

*Formerly known as 9Q-CMP

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Lives In:

East Democratic Republic of the Congo, Africa

Type of Plane:

Cessna Caravan

Favorite Type of Airstrip:

Grassy, surrounded by lush trees

Favorite Bible Story:

Mark 2:1-12—Jesus heals the paralytic

Favorite Food:


Favorite Book:

The African Queen