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Adopt PK-MEE [Soon-To-Be] serving in Kalimantan, Indonesia

PK-MEE is proud to be MAF's first KODIAK floatplane. She’s looking forward to taking the place of the legendary “Charlie Brown,” a Cessna 185 floatplane that served in Kalimantan, Indonesia, for nearly 50 years! She’ll be taking over all of the flights that Charlie Brown (and a second 185 float plane) had been doing, so she’s grateful to have some extra support through the MAF Adopt-a-Plane program.

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Lives In:

USA, but moving to Kalimantan, Indonesia soon

Type of Plane:

Amphibious KODIAK

Favorite Type of Airstrip:

Deep rivers

Favorite Bible Character:

Jesus walking on water (Matthew 14:22-33)

Favorite Food:

Ikan Bakar

Favorite Movie:

Finding Nemo

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Your adopted airplane, an amphibious Kodiak, PK-MEE, is ready to serve the indigenous communities of Central Kalimantan.

PK-MEE spent several months in Papua, Indonesia, awaiting its Indonesian air-worthiness certificates, and then got its floats wet as our pilots were trained in it. Finally, in July, it landed on the river at Palangkaraya in Kalimantan and taxied to MAF’s floating hangar—home at last!

“I feel privileged and humbled that we could bring such a great tool to Palangkaraya,” said Brad Hopkins MAF base manager and pilot. “I’m hopeful about the future, about how this is going to serve more people—how we can expand service, expand range and go to more places.”

Thomas Bronnimann, from Switzerland, has worked in community development in Central Kalimantan for the past 22 years. He is grateful for MAF’s service, and said, “Normally if we go interior to our project site, we need three days in traveling—land, river, and road. With the airplane we can do it in one and a half hours. So it’s a huge blessing for us when we can use the new airplane.” "We're proud and happy ... and we're ready to serve..." said Abet Nego, one of the Indonesian staff members who was busy up until the last minute, making sure the hangar was prepped and ready for the airplane’s arrival.

“We are so very grateful to those who helped this plane along on this journey,” said Rebecca Hopkins, an MAF missionary in Kalimantan and the wife of Brad Hopkins.

Because of your support of PK-MEE, all of the final details came together and the airplane can now bring the love of Jesus Christ, and hope, to the people of Central Kalimantan.

Your partnership will make it possible for this airplane to reach new areas and more people in remote places who still need to experience the love of Jesus Christ.