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Adopt 7P-CMH serving in Lesotho

7P-CMH can tell you some stories of her adventures in Lesotho. She has spent a lot of time with Basotho shepherds in the rugged mountains. They tell stories to pass the time, and in the years 7P-CMH has been in Lesotho, she has become quite the master storyteller. 7P-CMH is not afraid of heights (most of MAF's planes aren't…) which is a good thing, since Lesotho is known as the "mountain kingdom" and most of the strips 7P-CMH lands on are high in the mountains. 7P-CMH is passionate about the people of Lesotho and wants to bring both spiritual and medical hope to this small African country.

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Lives In:

Lesotho, Africa

Type of Plane:

Cessna 206

Favorite Type of Airstrip:

High mountains, particularly with cliffs and steep drop-offs

Favorite Bible Character:

David as a young shepherd boy

Favorite Food:

Mielie Pap

Favorite Book:

The Green Hills of Africa

A time-lapse video by pilot-mechanic Jason Thiemann as he fixes the auxiliary fuel pump on the Cessna 206, 7P-CMH, in Lebakeng, Lesotho.