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Adopt C9-AAL serving in Mozambique

C9-AAL loves reruns of M*A*S*H and House—really any shows that are about medical professionals. She gets very little time to watch these while she is on the long trips across Mozambique—a country that is as long as the distance from Massachusetts to Florida. But she does get to hear the stories of the doctors who fly with her weekly. C9-AAL likes cooking s'mores on an open flame when she is on one of her many overnight camp outs, but she really enjoys a local dish called matata. The only thing C9-AAL loves more than traveling is reaching Mozambicans with Christ's love.

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Cessna 206

Favorite Type of Airstrip:

Ones surrounded by tea plantations and eucalyptus trees

Favorite Bible Character:

Paul - long missionary journeys

Favorite Food:

Matata (and s'mores)

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