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Adopt 9S-EMO serving in W. Democratic Republic of the Congo

9S-EMO* loves adventure! Soaring high over the vast Congolese jungles gives her a thrill like nothing else. This strong, silent type loves the people western Congo. She enjoys bringing people together and saving lives—which is a good thing since the needs are great in western Democratic Republic of the Congo. 9S-EMO is also passionate about helping those who can't help themselves, like the Congolese lepers who have been cast out by society. This rugged plane has a soft-side when it comes to sharing Christ's love in this expansive region.

*Formerly known as 9Q-CMO

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Lives In:

West Democratic Republic of the Congo, Africa

Type of Plane:

Cessna Caravan

Favorite Type of Airstrip:

Lush jungles—teaming with wildlife and adventure!

Favorite Bible Story:

Jesus heals the lepers (Luke 17:11-19)

Favorite Food:

Peli peli

Favorite Movies:

Indiana Jones trilogy (didn't care for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull)