First Responders

A pregnant woman in a remote village in Papua was in labor with twins.

And things weren’t going well.

Standing on the bank of the stream, the women of the village looked on, helpless, as the young mother labored. When it became obvious that something was terribly wrong, they raced to get help from a missionary serving nearby. When they returned, they found Seseminya squatting in a stream, deep in troubled labor. Her first baby lying nearby in the cold water.

Thankfully, the missionary knew just what to do in this life-threatening situation ...

She immediately called MAF.

Thanks to you and other generous donors, MAF was able to quickly transport Seseminya to a hospital where doctors performed a lifesaving C-section.

And today, Seseminya and both of her precious baby boys are healthy and doing fine.

It’s a miracle YOU helped make possible!

Seseminya was days away from the nearest medical care … on foot! You see, there are no roads to her remote jungle village. Transport by airplane was her only option.

And there are many others like her who don’t have access to medical care, and who live too far away to reach help when time is of the essence.

Today, I’m praying you’ll consider giving generously to ensure medevac flights like this are possible.

You’ll help ensure that MAF airplanes are ready to fly at a moment’s notice to transport doctors, medical personnel, equipment, and medicines to people in need, and evacuate patients from remote areas to get the medical care they need.

Your gift will help save lives in the most remote regions of the world!

And it’s more than just physical lives you’re helping save through your support. Each act of compassion you help provide takes the love of Jesus to these remote places. Shining the Light of Christ into dark corners of the world and planting seeds of the Gospel.

Thank you for giving people like Seseminya hope.



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