Airplane Maintenance

For MAF airplanes, ongoing preventative maintenance is not just a basic requirement, it is critical. And without our airplane maintenance specialists, the MAF fleet could not get off the ground!

MAF Johnson Family

Mike Johnson, Maintenance Specialist. Photo by Tripp Flythe.

We catch things that could go wrong before they go wrong. That’s really important for our pilots when they’re over a big jungle that doesn’t have
any clear places to land.
–Mike Johnson, MAF maintenance specialist in Kalimantan, Indonesia.

As you can imagine, keeping 51 airplanes maintained and flying safely comes at a cost. This year our annual maintenance budget is $1.7 million.

You can play a vital role in keeping MAF aircraft in tip-top shape. A gift today will help cover costs such as:

  • Purchasing a new fuel control unit—$65,000
  • Overhauling a 4-blade propeller—$10,000
  • Repairing a flap box—$18,500
  • Upgrading electronics required by the FAA—$5,000
  • Replacing worn tires—$500 per tire
Fuel Control Unit Fuel Nozzles

Every gift counts when it comes to maintaining MAF airplanes and ensuring that they keep flying safely.

Thanks to a generous couple who left MAF a legacy gift to be used specifically for aircraft maintenance, a $200,000 Challenge Grant has been established to encourage you to give.

Matt Harris Repairing MAF Plane Engine

That means your gift will double in impact! And it will honor this couple’s wish to support this important aspect of MAF’s ministry.

You can keep our fleet of airplanes flying safely to meet needs across the globe. Because of you, MAF can continue to provide flights to transport precious lives, deliver critical help and supplies, and share the Gospel with the world’s most isolated people.

Thank you for keeping MAF planes in the air!




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