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Without your support, Bible translators, local pastors, mothers, and countless isolated people across the world would still be waiting for the hope that an MAF airplane brings.

Please give today so that isolated people can be transformed by Christ’s love.


Kalimantan School

$200,000 NEEDED

Finding good education for their children is a big issue for MAF families. Currently the classroom space is already tight, and next year the class is growing from 15 kids to 24! Your gift will help make it possible for a new schoolhouse to be built and ultimately help MAF families stay on the field.

$200 - Share the Cost

$2000 - Suggested Gift

$200,000 - Fund Project


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Mozambique Housing Project

$56,250 NEEDED

MAF’s program in Mozambique needs new housing. Currently the city of Nampula’s growing population is driving up rental costs. But MAF acquired property from YWAM International and, with some renovations, it will be possible for MAF to provide a home to more staff as the program grows.

$65 - Share the Cost

$600 - Suggested Gift

$56,250 - Fund Project


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Haiti Vehicle


While airplanes are great for serving Haiti, the MAF staff in Port-au-Prince need a way to safely navigate the city. The current program vehicle is over 20 years old and desperately needs to be replaced. A new vehicle will ultimately make the Haiti operations more efficient.


Church Flights

$446,459 NEEDED

Local churches across the world are continuing the work of earlier missionaries by taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Your gift makes it possible for them to bring the message of Jesus Christ to remote corners of their countries.

$450 - Share the Cost

$4500 - Suggested Gift

$446,459 - Fund Project


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Airplane Maintenance

As you can imagine, maintaining a fleet of small aircraft is no small task. In order to keep up with changing technologies and new requirements, we need to install cockpit voice recorders and flight data recorders, among other general upgrades.

$50 - Share the Cost

$500 - Suggested Gift


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Nyankunde Generator

$40,000 NEEDED

Power outages are common deep in the Congolese jungles. Generators keep operations running at MAF bases like Nyankunde in Democratic Republic of the Congo, where the growing team’s secondhand generator frequently breaks down and has limited capacity. A new generator will allow MAF to better serve the surrounding communities.

$40 - Share the Cost

$400 - Suggested Gift

$40,000 - Fund Project


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The support of ministry partners is vital for MAF missionaries to reach isolated people with Christ’s love. Please consider blessing an MAF family with a special one-time gift at


Where Most Needed

The above options are but a few of the many ministry needs facing MAF. When you give to “Where Most Needed,” you help MAF have the flexibility to meet needs as they arise.


$100 - Suggested Gift




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