Crisis in the Congo


Congolese people need your help!

The number of internally displaced people (IDP) in a makeshift camp outside of the small city of Bunia, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), is 100,000 and growing! These people are fleeing terrible tribal violence and are in desperate need of help.

Right now, the local Congolese Christians and MAF are the only ones currently bringing hope to these masses of hurting people. Many other humanitarian organizations are still assessing the situation. Food, water, and medical care are extremely limited.

MAF needs YOUR help to meet the needs of these people! We are trying to raise $20,000 to provide food, tarps, and other supplies as needed. Your gift to the DRC Disaster Response fund can bring hope to people who are suffering. Thank you for your gift today!


Latest update from MAF staff in Bunia:

“We went back to the IDP camp yesterday to confirm what was happening on the ground. The camp has grown and another one is forming. I think it would be safe to say there are over 100,000 IDP’s in Bunia now. The big Humanitarian organizations are still assessing the situation and organizing things to come, so there is still no food coming into the camp other than what the Bunia Christians are giving out.

“There were two bags of rice at the storage tent when we got there today. The Bunia Christian volunteers there felt that rice and a bigger cooking pot were the most pressing needs. So we were able to purchase a huge pot at the market along with 30 more bags of rice to keep them going.

“We walked through the camp, talking with people and trying to encourage them. There is a tent where the wounded are being placed. No medical work is going on and it’s hot beyond reason and feels very unhealthy. We saw people with machete wounds. Most had been sewed up roughly, and it was hard to see and know that they were very traumatized by events and things were still not well. Many did not have a tent or way to cook or anything to eat so we made a point of buying things especially for them. We brought them ten tarps, five local cooking stoves called babula’s, some pots, plates and cups, as well as food of their own. And they didn’t have to wait in the long lines everyone else is subjected to in this kind of situation.

“When you can’t help everyone it feels like the little we are doing is useless in the scheme of things. But as it rained in the evening, we knew that at least 10 more families were not out in the rain and had food to eat.

“About half the hut frames that have been built out of thick grass tied together still don’t have tarps to cover the people. There is still so much need here. Bisoke, who is our MAF Congolese chaplain, told us yesterday that he heard of a mother who was listening to her children ask, “Mommy, why are we here? We used to be able to get mangos and avocados out of our tree and we had food in our field, but now we are so hungry. Can’t we have some food?” And the mother, apparently heartbroken at her inability to help her children, lay on the ground and died on the spot. Bisoke said, “I am still trying to sort that out in my mind, it is so sad.”

Mission Aviation Fellowship - Crisis in the Congo

Mission Aviation Fellowship - Crisis in the Congo


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