Eric and Lynette Fagerland

Eric and Lynette are overjoyed to be part of Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) bringing God's love to isolated individuals in Haiti. MAF is a critical and supportive arm to missions in remote areas around the world-transporting missionaries, national pastors, Bibles, supplies, medical help, and a host of other things to hard-to-reach areas. This requires flying abilities in non-conventional and challenging settings, and Eric is looking forward to using his aviation skills gleaned as a U.S. Air Force (USAF) pilot. Lynette has a strong heart for helping others and will be seeking opportunities to support those efforts overseas.

Eric is the son of missionary parents and grew up in a French-speaking country in West Africa. They had no running water, occasional electricity, a pet monkey, and wide open space to explore. He thought everyone grew up like that! Eric says, "As a young child I got the 'aviation bug' as soon as I saw an airplane and went so far as to memorize the flight numbers and departure/arrival times when we traveled. I was always the kid who wanted to go talk to the pilots." When Eric grew up, he pursued his love of aviation by attending the U.S. Air Force Academy, then joining the USAF.

On the other side of the globe, Lynette was a pastor's daughter who also grew up with a passion to serve God in overseas missions. She sometimes even lay on wooden bookshelves at home to "toughen her up" for the mission field! In high school she went on a two-month mission trip to help children in the Marshall Islands. Lynette remembers, "Despite the rough conditions, I absolutely loved working with the kids."

Eric and Lynette met through their parents' friendship and got married in 1999. Almost immediately they began planning to do missions work overseas once Eric finished his military career. Throughout this career, they became proficient in working together, moving, and serving the Lord. While stationed in Italy, their daughter, Erika, was born. She's their bird-loving, poem-writing, drum-beating, student pilot. God has seen fit to allow them to serve, grow in Him, and experience military life until His timing was perfect to transition the family to overseas service.

Lynette, Eric, and Erika all have a heart for missions. They thank God for bringing them to MAF and giving them the opportunity to share the love of Christ overseas.

Country of Service



1 Bases: Port au Prince
3 Aircraft
Population: 10.6 million
Capital: Port au Prince
Official Language: Haitian Kreyol, French
Currency: Gourde (HTG)

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