New Ministries & Initiatives

MAF is always looking for new opportunities to bring the Gospel to unreached and unengaged people around the world. However, launching a new program or initiative involves a lengthy and arduous process. It can take more than two years to research the situation, obtain permits to fly, develop airstrips, deploy airplanes, commission staff, or address any number of unexpected challenges.

When opportunities present themselves, MAF wants to be in a position to accelerate our ability to act. This can only happen if investment funds exist and can be accessed quickly. Besides current and potential opportunities in Southeast Asia and Central Asia, we anticipate that many more doors for ministry will open in the coming years.

New Ministries & Initiatives

Readiness for New Opportunities

This graph depicts progress made so far toward the New Ministries & Initiatives project. Find out more about the vision for this project above.

36% Funded*

Amount Raised: $1,072,986

Goal: $3,000,000

*Amounts as of June 18, 2019


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81% Funded*

Amount Raised: $17,071,817

Goal: $21,000,000

*Amounts as of June 18, 2019

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