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Fleet Optimization

Fleet Optimization
The ChallengeThe MAF fleet is aging and there is a pressing need to replace the last of the aviation gasoline-dependent airplanes still serving in the field.
The Need$12,000,000

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Campus Expansion

Campus Expansion
The ChallengeThe MAF-US home office campus is bursting at the seams and inadequate for preparing the next generation of staff for the field.
The Need$6,000,000

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New Ministries and Initiatives

New Ministries & Initiatives
The ChallengeWhen new ministries and initiatives present themselves, most MAF funds are already committed to current programs, leaving little or no margin to pursue unforeseen opportunities.
The Need$3,000,000

Support New Ministries
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The world today … is a very different place than when MAF took to the skies in 1946.

If MAF is going to reach future generations of isolated people, we must accelerate our ministry to bring the Gospel to a changing world.

Several challenges stand in the way of MAF being able to fulfill our mission of sharing Christ’s love with isolated people in the years to come. We are currently operating on a mostly aging fleet that runs on aviation gasoline (avgas)—an increasingly expensive and scarce fuel source. Our campus at global headquarters is feeling the strain of training and housing growing numbers of new missionaries as well as being the base of operations for this global ministry. Opportunities to launch new ministries in places such as Southeast Asia and Central Asia are being hindered by a lack of financial resources and capacity.

In order for MAF to serve future generations around the world, we must begin accelerating toward the future today. You are the key to sharing Christ’s love with generations of isolated people.

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