Jack and Leigha Gandy

Jack and Leigha Gandy are excited to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus through the utilization of aviation with Mission Aviation Fellowship. Jack will use his skills as a pilot/mechanic to overcome physical and spiritual obstacles and reach the lost with the love of Jesus. Leigha will continue to raise their daughter, Elisabeth, as well as cultivate gospel-centered relationships with whomever she meets.

Born and raised in Wichita, KS, Jack grew up going to church, but wasn't interested in the things of God until he saw the Lord reconcile his parents from divorce when he was 13. God used those circumstances to illustrate His love and power to Jack. Since then, Jack has had a passion for reaching the lost and sharing God's love with the world. In his family, loving airplanes was a non-negotiable, and he grew into the joy of aviation. It was the story of Nate Saint (missionary pilot, martyr) that sparked his desire to serve the Lord as a missionary pilot.

After high school, Jack was admitted to the Professional Pilot Program at Kansas State University in Salina, KS. There, Jack earned all of his pilot and mechanic certificates. During this time Jack spent two summers as an intern with MAF-Bangladesh, which further confirmed his call to mission aviation. After graduating, Jack instructed at Kansas State, and later moved to the St. Louis area where he flew cargo commercially.

Leigha grew up moving to different areas of the central U.S. with her parents, who are pastors in the Salvation Army. She always heard the message of the gospel, but had not experienced grace and forgiveness until her mother had a stroke when she was 14. This event brought Leigha to the realization that it was not by good works, or the good works of her family that made God love her, but only by the work of Jesus on the cross. As a sophomore in college Leigha had the opportunity to spend a semester in Uganda where she taught people about Jesus' love and forgiveness. She realized that telling people about Jesus, especially people from other countries, was something she wanted to do whether in the U.S. or overseas. She graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in social work. She hopes to continue sharing the Good News with the nations along with using her social work skills overseas.

Jack and Leigha met at church in 2013, and discovered they shared similar interests and a passion for living in another context while sharing the gospel. It didn't take Jack long to realize that she was the one for him. They were married in January 2016. Since then, God has blessed them with a daughter, Elisabeth Grace. They look forward to serving the Lord as a family with Mission Aviation Fellowship.

Country of Service



7 Bases including Merauke, Nabire, Palangkaraya, Sentani, Tarakan, Timika, and Wamena
15 Aircraft
Population: 260.6 million
Capital: Jakarta
Official Language: Indonesian
Currency: Indonesian Rupiah (Rp)

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