Emergency flights mean the difference between life and death

Impaled on a tree branch

Six-year-old Mika's life changed in the blink of an eye.

One moment, he was happily playing and climbing trees with his friends in the remote village of Mokndoma in Papua. Indonesia, where he lives. Then a branch snapped and Mika was falling. When he landed, the branch was impaled in his abdomen.

Though they tried everything they could, the missionaries in the village couldn't extract the wood from Mika's stomach. They knew the injury was bad. Each minute counted because Mika was probably bleeding internally. Without lifesaving medical help, the life of this precious six-year-old boy would be cut tragically short.

Without any further delay, the missionaries contacted MAF and requested an emergency evacuation. An MAF airplane quickly arrived and Mika was loaded onto the aircraft along with his mother and a missionary friend.

A child's life in the balance

At the hospital in Sentani, the doctor discovered that the wood had punctured Mika's small intestine and was starting to poke into his large intestine. Toxins were beginning to leak into his abdominal cavity, putting the boy in grave danger.

Mika was whisked into surgery where the doctor was able to successfully remove the wood, drain the fluid, and repair the damage. In a little less than a week, Mika was well enough to make the return flight to his village, where he continued to heal. In no time, he was able to run and jump and climb like all his other friends in the highlands of Papua.

But without the MAF plane and the pilot, the ending of Mika's story could have been very different.

Helping isolated people live healthier lives

Caring for the physical health of isolated people who have had little or no access to medical care is one of the fundamental ways MAF shines the light of Christ in the farthest corners of the world.

In some of the most remote villages, it would take a walk of several days to get to a clinic or a hospital. Some go without medical care and hope for the best.

Through the partnership of our generous donors, MAF provides a lifeline to people living in places where there are no doctors and no hospitals. When minutes count, an MAF flight could mean the difference between life and death.

Bring medical care and Christ's love to remote areas

Your gift today will help MAF provide flights to bring medical treatment to the sick and transport patients, like Mika, in critical emergencies–all in the name of Christ.

Because airplanes can go where other vehicles can't go, people living in distant villages can be reached with medical personnel, medicines, vaccines, and construction materials to build clinics thanks to MAF flights.

But there are still many regions cut off from medical help. With your support, MAF can continue to provide flights to save lives with medical care and the hope of the Gospel.

Please give as generously as you can today!


Mission Aviation Fellowship delivers help and hope

For over 70 years, Mission Aviation Fellowship has used aviation and technology to share the love of Jesus Christ with isolated people who have not yet heard the Gospel.

Airplanes are highly effective tools used to deliver help and hope to places where there are no roads. Where the terrain is rough. Where an airstrip may be a crude clearing through a jungle or on the side of a mountain.

Your gift will transform the lives of isolated people

When you partner with MAF, you will make an eternal difference in the lives of isolated people all over the world. Please give now to keep MAF airplanes flying to bring help and hope in the name of Jesus.


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