Bring Hope to
Isolated People


What do you see when you look at an MAF airplane?

Many people around the world see hope.

Hope that their children will have an education. Hope that help will arrive when disaster strikes. Hope that medical care can reach loved ones cut off by geographic barriers. Hope that pastors and evangelists can teach them God’s Word.

And ultimately the hope of the Gospel.

At MAF we believe that everybody deserves a chance to experience the hope that Jesus gives.

Please give today and help us bring hope to isolated people around the world.


Mission Aviation Fellowship delivers help and hope

For over 70 years, Mission Aviation Fellowship has used aviation and technology to share the love of Jesus Christ with isolated people who have not yet heard the Gospel.

Airplanes are highly effective tools used to deliver help and hope to places where there are no airports. Where the terrain is rough. Where an airstrip may be a crude clearing through a jungle or on the side of a mountain.

This is why your help is so important.

It was the first time I saw that my role as a mechanic could be a direct help to someone. I know that maintaining our aircraft helps get people to their destinations all the time. But it was pretty neat to be associated with something so critical in the lives of this woman and her baby.”

— Mike Johnson, MAF mechanic, who made a critical repair on an airplane to get a woman experiencing pregnancy complications to the nearest hospital

“Now I’m feeling like I’ll be able to learn more deeply about God’s Word. When I sit with my own people, we’ll be able to read it together.”

— Kenuel Sobolim, after receiving a Bible translated in his native Hupla language by a team of translators who partnered with MAF

“Churches are going up all over. I have flown thousands of pounds of cement, roofing, nails, carpenters, food, and supplies. Last week I delivered the front doors of the sanctuary…I was greeted by a small band who danced around the aircraft as the doors were unloaded.”

— Brian Marx, MAF pilot, describing the support MAF is providing to help the indigenous church grow in Papua, Indonesia

Your gift will transform the lives of isolated people.

When you partner with MAF, you will make an eternal difference in the lives of isolated people all over the world. Please give now to keep MAF airplanes flying to bring help and hope in the name of Jesus.


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