Jacob and Audrey Miller

Jacob and Audrey are grateful to the Lord for each step that led them to become missionaries with MAF. As a Pilot/IT Specialist in Mozambique, Jacob will fly airplanes to remote areas to minister to isolated people groups. In addition, Jacob will be part of the Africa IT support team, and will help provide computer, network, and server support. Audrey will homeschool their three kids, and seek opportunities to serve and encourage women in the community.

Jacob was born in a Christian home in California and accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior at 13. His passion for airplanes began at an early age, watching military aircraft land at Moffett Field Naval Air Station. His desire to serve the Lord through aviation was kindled after hearing an MAF missionary speak at his church. He was further inspired by the book Jungle Pilot, about the life of Nate Saint.

After receiving his B.A. in business at Bethany Bible College, Jacob's varied interests stalled his pursuit of flying. Instead he spent the next 10 years as a Rock Climbing & Kayak Instructor while playing bass and managing a Christian rock band. It was in these jobs that he developed computer and programming skills. In between work and his music gigs, Jacob earned his Private Pilot Certificate. He spent the next 10 years owning his own successful IT company and balanced his time as a flight instructor and commercial pilot.

Audrey was raised in the San Francisco Bay area and became a Christian in her junior year of high school. After accepting Christ, she inherited a loving Christian family who nurtured her and encouraged healthy spiritual habits that helped her grasp the grace and character of God.

Audrey graduated with a B.A. in music from San Jose State University. Her education intertwined her love of music with her love for languages, and also opened up opportunities to explore music of many cultures of the world. Prior to graduating, she developed an interest in missions during a short-term mission trip to Germany. She is eager to worship God with the gift of music unique to each culture and share the same hospitality she received with the community that God puts before her.

The Lord brought Jacob and Audrey together at a Christian concert. They were married two years later and are blessed with three children: Hazel, Charlotte and Nelson. In 2013, God began to work on both of their hearts towards the possibility of serving as missionaries with MAF.

Country of Service



1 Bases: Nampula
2 Aircraft
Population: 26.6 million
Capital: Maputo
Official Language: Portuguese
Currency: Metical (Mt)

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