Then I saw another angel flying in midair, and he had the eternal gospel to proclaim to those who live on the earth—to every nation, tribe, language and people. —Revelation 14:6 (NIV)

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) staff attended a meeting where ministry organizations were challenged to finish the Great Commission—to reach further into the remote and difficult places of the world so that every nation, tribe, tongue, and people might hear and respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

How thrilling it was when ministries began claiming different people groups, committing to reach them! Excitement flowed through the room and I realized what a critical role MAF would play in this endeavor. As the missionaries and kingdom workers set off to isolated areas, MAF will take them there. We will have a hand in constructing airstrips so that Bibles can be delivered to villages. MAF pilots will be praying with each group of passengers on our airplanes and telling them about someone named Jesus who can transform their lives.

MAF has been reaching the lost for more than 70 years. Yet there is still much to be done. Mountains, jungles, deserts, and rivers separate people from the Gospel and the means of improving their lives. In such places, MAF provides transportation and communications that allow missionaries, evangelists, and other Christian workers to reach the lost. When disasters destroy homes, agriculture, and infrastructure, MAF helps aid organizations reach the suffering. Here are several examples of MAF’s work in 2016:

As I look back on 2016 it’s easy to see God at work, and I firmly believe that He will continue to work through the people of MAF and the many supporters and partner organizations that labor alongside us. Please join me in praising God for His provision and the privilege of serving Him.

For Christ,

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John C. Boyd
President and CEO

John Boyd CEO MAF US

John C. Boyd
President and CEO

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Board of Directors

Board Chair, MAF

Laura Mae Gardner, D.Min.

International Personnel Consultant and Trainer, Wycliffe Bible Translators/SIL; Tucson, AZ

Board Vice Chair, MAF

David E. Bixby, Ed.D.

Executive Vice President, Azusa Pacific University; Azusa, CA

President and Chief Executive Officer

John C. Boyd

Mission Aviation Fellowship; Nampa, ID

J. David Grizzle

CEO, Dazzle Partners, LLC; Washington, DC

Pramod John

CEO, Oration, PBC; Foster City, CA

Larry B. Jones, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President, Bible Translation, The Seed Company; Arlington, TX

Eric Kellerer, Ed.D.

Director, Doceō Center, Northwest Nazarene University; Nampa, ID

Rebecca Lee

Retired Legal Counsel; Boise, ID

Karl D. Stoltzfus, Sr.

Chairman, Dynamic Aviation; Bridgewater, VA

Robert Stutzman

President, Stutzman Public Affairs; Sacramento, CA

Robert Swanson

Managing Shareholder, Boutin Jones Inc.; Sacramento, CA

Atul Tandon

CEO, Opportunity International United States; Seattle, WA

William Yantiss

Executive Vice President, PRISM Solutions, LLC; Greenwood Village, CO

Mission Aviation Fellowship-US is based in Nampa, Idaho, and is part of the global family of MAF organizations that includes MAF International, MAF Canada, and affiliates in Guatemala, Brazil, Suriname, Mexico, and Ecuador. Unless otherwise indicated, in this report “Mission Aviation Fellowship” or “MAF” refers to MAF-US only, as do all numbers.