MAF Facts

A Typical MAF flight saves 5 hours of ground travel. In 2016, MAF saved its air passengers 57,077 days of travel time that they can use for ministry work.

73,708 Passengers flew on MAF flights

MAF served 600+ churches, mission organizations, medical groups, schools, and relief agencies.

7,778,520 Pounds of life-sustaining cargo were delivered

  • MAF depends on the Lord and its supporters. In 2016, 28,343 faithful friends gave 182,921 gifts to MAF.
  • 15,977 people made gifts to support MAF missionary families.
  • We couldn’t do it without volunteers! In 2016, 276 volunteers gave 22,904 hours of service to MAF valued at $539,618.
  • MAF operated 157 VSAT communication systems serving churches, mission organizations, medical groups, schools, and relief agencies in Africa and Asia.
  • MAF conducted 22,495 flights in 2016.
  • Every 11 minutes—somewhere in the world—an MAF airplane takes off or lands.

The average cost of keeping an MAF family on the field in 2016 was $7,601 per month.

Here’s how that breaks down. We give thanks for the many friends who pray for and support MAF staff.

Mission Aviation Fellowship-US is based in Nampa, Idaho, and is part of the global family of MAF organizations that includes MAF International, MAF Canada, and affiliates in Guatemala, Brazil, Suriname, Mexico, and Ecuador. Unless otherwise indicated, in this report “Mission Aviation Fellowship” or “MAF” refers to MAF-US only, as do all numbers.