The MAF Fleet

The MAF Fleet

MAF-US operates a fleet of 51 small, nimble airplanes in some of the most isolated areas of the world. They land on short, rugged airstrips, and on any given day may carry cargo as diverse as vaccines, Bibles, medical patients, building supplies, missionaries, water filters, pigs, chickens, rice, aid workers, and bird nests (which are used to make an exotic soup in parts of Asia).

MAF airplanes are purchased and maintained through the gifts of faithful supporters. We give thanks, as well, for those who donate their own airplanes to MAF.

Love Airplanes? Love how they can be used to share the Gospel and help isolated people? Why not Adopt-a-Plane? Click here to choose a plane.


Mission Aviation Fellowship-US is based in Nampa, Idaho, and is part of the global family of MAF organizations that includes MAF International, MAF Canada, and affiliates in Guatemala, Brazil, Suriname, Mexico, and Ecuador. Unless otherwise indicated, in this report “Mission Aviation Fellowship” or “MAF” refers to MAF-US only, as do all numbers.