Odyssey Adventure Club

Welcome Odyssey Adventure Club Members

We hope you enjoyed journeying with Whit, Jason and Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) to Papua, Indonesia for the adventure of a lifetime. If you haven't listened to this special episode yet, you can hear "To the Ends of the Earth" exclusively at www.oaclub.org.

MAF is proud to have collaborated with Focus on the Family and the Odyssey Adventure Club. As club members, children all over the world can enjoy nearly 800 faith-based audio dramas, family discussions, activities, animated videos and much more. Best of all, the club connects the imaginative world of Odyssey to real people, places and mission organizations like MAF!

MAF believes that everyone—even those living in isolated villages—should have the chance to experience the love of Jesus Christ. So we use aviation, technology, and training to bring God's Word, medical care, educational opportunities and more to people who do not have access to them.

Thank you for helping us bring God's hope to some of the most remote places on earth!

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