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Serve overseas as an MAF missionary! MAF is looking for people with a passion to reach others for Christ in remote areas around the world. Is MAF a good fit for you? Find out by selecting your field of interest:

Current Aviation Needs


Maintenance Specialists

Lesotho (1), W. Democratic Republic of the Congo (1), South Central Asia (1), Haiti (1), Southeast Asia (1)

Maintenance Specialists with Turbine experience

Mozambique (1), W. Democratic Republic of the Congo (1), Papua (Indonesia) (2), Kalimantan (Indonesia) (2)


South Central Asia (1), Papua (Indonesia) (1), Kalimantan (Indonesia) (1)


Mozambique (1), E. Democratic Republic of the Congo (2), W. Democratic Republic of the Congo (1), South Central Asia (2), Papua (Indonesia) (3), Kalimantan (Indonesia) (3), Haiti (2), Latin America Affiliates (2)

Pilot Specialist

South Central Asia (1), Papua (Indonesia) (1), Latin America Affiliates (2)


South Central Asia (1)


Southeast Asia (1)

Avionics Technician

Papua (Indonesia) (1), US Headquarters (Nampa) (1)

Urgent mid-year teacher need

Lower elementary teacher needed for MAF’s Peningki Hill School, in Kalimantan Indonesia

One of our teachers has returned to the US for a family need. MAF is seeking a certified and experienced lower elementary teacher who loves the Lord and children, and who is willing to apply and move as quickly as possible to allow the MAF children and families in Kalimantan to continue their school year in January.

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2019 Teaching Opportunities

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Papua, Indonesia

Principal: K-12
Teacher: High school science
Teacher: Middle school and high school language arts and social studies
Teacher: Grade 5

East Democratic Republic of Congo

Teacher: Lower Elementary


Current Technology Resources Needs


Field I.T. Support Specialists

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Asia Pacific (4)
Africa (2)
Latin America Affiliates (2)
Asia (3)

Other Opportunities



South Central Asia (1)

Base Maintenance (Includes hospitality coordination/guest house)

Haiti (1)