The Tech Resource Division uses digital technology strategies so that isolated and unengaged people can discover the love of Jesus Christ.

Six billion people in the world today have access to mobile phones. As developing countries gain access to the Internet, using technology for missions just makes sense. MAF missionaries leverage their technical know-how to create tools to help share Christ’s love all over the world.

The Tech Resources division has several technical positions that fulfill a number of roles, both on the field and at the U.S. headquarters. MAF’s technical staff develop digital solutions to meet the needs of indigenous Christians, churches, mission agencies, humanitarian aid organizations, schools, and medical clinics in remote areas.

All of these components make it possible for Christ-followers to have access to biblical materials, to use their mobile devices for ministry, and to stay connected with their teams in order to propel the work of the Great Commission.

Professional Qualifications

  • Desire to use technical skills in cross-cultural ministry
  • Thorough knowledge of computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc.
  • Experience troubleshooting hardware and software
  • Comfortable working with non-technical people
  • Eager to train indigenous people in basic computer skills

Missionary Qualifications

All candidates must meet the following personal qualifications. Couples applying to MAF must individually meet these qualifications.

  • Committed relationship with Jesus Christ and affirmation of spiritual maturity by others
  • A desire to be part of fulfilling the Great Commission
  • Willingness to raise prayer and financial support
  • 12 hours of college-level Bible course (view a list of recommended Bible schools) or equivalent (talk to us)
  • Active in a local church or ministry for at least two years