Advocate for MAF


Do you want to make an ETERNAL DIFFERENCE?

Be a voice for isolated people through the volunteer ministry of the MAF Advocate Wing! You can serve the Lord, transform lives, and be part of building God's kingdom worldwide ... right where you live!

Being an MAF Advocate gives me the opportunity to connect to people in my own sphere and sharing stories from the field, inspiring fellow believers and causing non-believers to question "why?"
— Brent Shaw (OK)
I enjoy representing MAF at events with lots of people present, but what I enjoy most as an MAF Advocate is one-on-one conversations.
— James Wauford (GA)
Teaching people about the work of MAF and how we can use aircraft and technology to save lives and serve God is what being an MAF Advocate is all about!
— Paul Damschen (AZ)
I love to fly and being an MAF Advocate allows me the opportunity to talk about missions and airplanes at the same time!
— Jamie Callaway (GA)


You don't need to cross an ocean to serve in missions.

MAF is looking for people with a faith in Jesus Christ and the desire to share their time and talents to partner with this ministry. Short-term and long-term ministry positions are available.


Music Ambassadors

Use your gifts and influence to raise awareness of Isolated People.

Share MAF at your next concert!

Become a Music Ambassador and help your audience discover MAF. By spreading the word, you are partnering with MAF to share the love of Christ so isolated people can be physically and spiritually transformed!