Our technology resources help indigenous church leaders and evangelists living in remote areas, missionaries, and nationals who are passionate about reaching others with the good news of Jesus Christ. We make it easier for isolated Christians to receive theological training and then pass it on—with or without an Internet connection. Check out the sections below to learn more about how MAF uses technology to connect isolated people with the love of Jesus.

To support this vital work:

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  • VSAT Installation

    MAF provides satellite internet access to areas that have little to no connection to the internet and/or email communications.

  • LibraryBox

    MAF is working with this open-source portable router that allows information to be transfered through an anonymous WiFi signal.

  • Church mapping

    MAF has aided in connecting local churches together through a church mapping software tool that stores survey data. This tool allows researchers to locate all known places of worship in specific areas, and has proven effective in bringing denominations together to work for strategic placement.

  • Systems Maintenance

    MAF provides technical support to a variety of systems that are essential to reaching isolated people with Christ's love, including aviation maintenance systems, server maintenance, email systems, and field networks around the world.