Reach isolated Christians! Lumin is a software program for creating courses, eBooks, presentations, and other content—called "Paks". Lumin gives pastors, trainers, and educators an easy way to deliver relevant, biblical training in areas where access to the Internet is limited. Lumin can even export materials directly into Estante, making biblical training easy to view and share on mobile devices.

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Please note that at this time, MAF is no longer developing Lumin. It is available for a free download, but will not include software updates, bug fixes, or customer support.

Lumin Features


Free and Easy

Create custom Paks for relevant training (courses, eBooks, presentations, and more).


Include multimedia in any project

Make your projects interactive with video, audio, images, and custom exam features.


Viewable on computers and mobile devices

Share Paks you create on a MicroSD card, DVD, CD, USB, or by using Estante.



  • Basic formatting for text (bold, italics, underline, justification settings, and headings)
  • Easily add pages to create your customized outline
  • Include different types of media—embed images, video, audio, and music into your project
  • Paks display with a touchscreen-friendly navigation
  • Customize your lesson or project with interactive exam features
    Interactive Exam Features 
  • Navigation options allow you to add links to content within or outside of your Lumin Pak
  • Archiving allows you to easily back up a project by automatically zipping your work


Lumin only runs on a Windows™ operating system.

Lumin Paks are compatible with most web browsers that support HTML5 features. This means they can also be viewed on mobile devices. The following browsers can display Lumin Paks:

  • Android
  • Chrome
  • Firefox*
  • iOS
  • Safari
  • Opera**
  • Opera Mobile**
  • Internet Explorer

* Firefox will only play .mp3 and .mp4 if it is installed on Windows™
** Will not play mp3 and mp4

View Your Lumin Pak


Lumin FAQs (PDF)

Additional Help

Have technical questions? Join our Google User Group for Lumin. Post questions, discuss, or simply connect with other users.

How-To Videos

The how-to videos include: "Start a New Project," "Beware of Deleting," "Preview Your Lumin Pak," "Export and Share your Lumin Pak," "Upload Your Lumin Pak to Estante," "Archive Your Project," "Open an Archived Project," "Add an Exam," and "Add a Sendoff Exam."

  Please use the 'PLAYLIST' dropdown to choose a video.

Use Lumin with Estante

Estante (a product of MAF) is a digital library on which you can easily store and share resources with others. Resources can include: videos, courses, documents, books, audio files, and/or resources made within Lumin.

Lumin can export directly into Estante with our new ‘Estante Uploader’ feature. Send your courses directly into Estante from Lumin. Find out how:

Lumin → Estante Instructions (PDF)