In addition to aviation and technology, MAF's work involves providing a variety of training in the places we serve. We train people in a broad array of areas; from technical instruction like VSAT installation and server maintenance to sharing biblical story-telling principles and providing theological education opportunities for national pastors.

To support this vital work:

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  • Digital Security Training

    We provide communication training for those who are serving in politically or religiously sensitive areas.

  • MikroTik Training

    We teach network training for nationals in order for them to maintain local server connections for ministries and MAF’s aviation programs. The training, called MikroTik, certifies students with a specific technical skill set that gives them reputable job experience.

  • Global VSAT Forum (GVF) Satellite Training

    GVF's Training and Certification program is the global standard for satellite communications training. MAF is part of this training, and all of our installers have GVF training and certification.

  • Training for National Pastors

    Through workshops and conferences, we facilitate training that compliments specific ways of learning. Training includes: using technology for ministry, adult-learning practices, oral communication strategies, and curriculum mapping. These trainings accelerate the effectiveness of local churches and surrounding regions by creating a community of Christian learners.

  • Learning Centers

    Where educational resources are limited, MAF works with partnering agencies to provide classes and materials for children and adults. Staff at these centers focus on teaching a variety of life skills—including how to build a relationship with Jesus.

  • StoryFireStoryFire

    Sixty-five to 85% of the world's population prefers to learn through oral communications—telling stories, listening, and discussing things with each other rather than by reading. MAF leads oral communications workshops to help pastors, missionaries, and church leaders learn how to effectively connect with the people they are trying to reach and to help them study Scripture through stories. StoryFire is a six-part series that trains you how to share God's Word through Bible storytelling and discussion. Based on the same principles MAF uses to train isolated church leaders around the world, StoryFire is now available for free download.